Mountain Skills 1 Syllabus

Here is a list of the course content for our Mountain Skills 1 Courses. We run our Mountain Skills Training Courses in Kerry, Galway and Wicklow. These courses are approved by Mountaineering Ireland.
Mountain Skills 1 Syllabus
Mountaineering Ireland/BOS
Mountain Skills/Mountain Leader

Early OSI Maps – 1970 Photography
Current OSI Maps – 1995 Photography
National Grid
4 Figure Grid Reference
6 Figure Grid Reference

Set Map With Features
Contour Features
Distance Estimation
Time Estimation
Handrail Navigation
Contour Navigation
Cut Off Point
Tick Off Point
Distance Measurement
GPS Intro

Mountain Equipment – Essential Gear

Access/Land Ownership
Hill Walker/Land Owner Relations
Leave No Trace

Mountain Hazards – Mountain/Weather/Human

Naismith’s Rule – 5KM = 60 Mins/1 Uphill Contour = 1 Min

Recap Contour Features – Flat/Steep/Spot Height/Spur/Col/Re–Entrant/Plateau/Corrie

Back Pack Drop
Feature Recognition – Close/Distant
Set Map With Compass
Attack Point
4 Figure Grid Reference
6 Figure Grid Reference

Basic Compass Bearing

Route Card – Escape Route
Mountain Skills 1 Syllabus
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