Second-Hand Kayaks & Kayaking Gear For Sale

€340 For A Kayak & Carbon Paddle

€435 For A Kayak, Carbon Paddle & Kayaking Gear

Kayak Gear Is Also Being Sold Separately & Priced Below

Cag €20
Helmet €15

3 MM Steamer Wetsuit €25

Buoyancy Aid €15

Neoprene Spray Deck €20

For More Details Contact Nathan/Ruth:
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

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48 Responses to Second-Hand Kayaks & Kayaking Gear For Sale

  1. DAVID HUGHES says:

    hi,i like the look of the green kayak. how dose it handle on waves and rivers and how much do you want for it? i have all my own gear exept a boat and paddle. would be very interested in bying it at the right price as im going to do my 3star and level 2 coach very soon.

    • Nathan Kingerlee says:

      Hi David, It’s a great little creek/river boat and pretty comfortable also. I’ve just messaged you some more details. Nathan

  2. Cathal says:

    Would be interested in a bliss stick. what would be the best price for one on there own???

  3. gill says:

    I would like a buoyancy aid and a wetsuit for Felix.
    How can we arrange things?

  4. jack says:

    Hi. What size is the BA and would the boats be suitable for instructing or use above grade 3? or are they playboats?

  5. jack says:

    Hi. What comes withe the Blisstick kayak for €535? eg is the cag, spraydeck, ba, wetsuit helmet included?

  6. jack says:

    And is the blisstick a huka or a mystic?

  7. donal says:

    what make, size and condition?would you consider selling seperatly?how much would you want for paddle?

    • We have both Blisstick ‘Mach 1′ and Eskimo ‘Speedo’. All in good condition and used mainly for flat water kayak trips. Some grade 2 river trips also. Each boat is going with a paddle thrown in with it @ €485. We are happy to sell the boats individually and not as a package. Just let me know if you’d like to call in to see them.

  8. william Hurley says:

    I would be interested in the paddle on its own

  9. don says:

    any more of those mac 1 bliss-sticks available by any chance??? Large

  10. Aaron says:

    Would just would i be able to avail of the green kayak in the galway area also could special price for two of them

    • Our boats are €340 including a paddle. That is the best price we can do on them. so if you were looking for two of the green Blissticks the price would be €680. Give me a call if you are interested in calling out to see them. Thanks, Nathan

  11. Aaron says:

    Just wondering how much the blisstick kayaks ar without gear

  12. Mark says:

    Well, just wondering where the kayaks are based. Interested in an eskimo, paddle, large cag and BA.

    • Hi Mark, Thanks for your blog comment. The boats and gear is at our base near Galway. We can also get them to Killarney/Kerry if that is closer to you?
      When would suit you to take a look at them? Thanks, Nathan

  13. Mark says:

    Galways perfect. Would Saturday suit or will it have to be a weekday?

  14. Sunday and Wed – Fri I’ll be at our base in Kinvara if any of those days suit you Mark?

  15. Mark says:

    5 o clock Friday would suit.

  16. cody says:

    I would take the neoprene spraydeck if you would be able to post it to me

  17. Gearoid says:

    Hi , Just wondering if there is still any Buoyancy Aids left. Thanks

  18. adam says:

    hey,i have only very recently started kayaking and im looking for a kayak. I am going to play canoe polo and i need a kayak that will aid me in learning to play

  19. Daniel O' Connell says:

    Hey There,
    Just got into paddling in the past year, im interested in getting a boat that would be good for grade 3 and 2 rivers, good comfortable outfitting and easy to handle, the green kayak looks interesting, does it handle like a pirhana burn it terms of shape and size? also what would you suggest and what price are you looking for it or any other suggestions you hae

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  21. James says:

    Hi Nathan,
    I’m just enquiring if you are off loading any kayaks at the moment? Myself and 2 friends are looking for 3 no. 15ft to 18ft, tripple plastic kayaks with good primary stability with a skeg and rudder preferably. 2 of us are looking for wet suits (L), long johns preferably and bouyancy aids and all 3 of us require (L) cags. Regards, James

    • Hi James, At the moment we have three Eskimo River Kayaks plus carbon paddles left to sell. We do plan to sell our fleet of Dagger Sea/Touring Kayaks shortly. Which would be of interest to you?

  22. Alan Mulligan says:

    Hi, Just inquiring to see are the Eskimo river kayaks still for sale?

  23. Randall Wharton says:

    Hi Nathan,

    Do you have any of the wetsuits left? In medium/large I think.

    • Hi Randall. Just one wetsuit left in that size and it’s €25. Do you want me to arrange to have it in Killarney for you to take a look at? We’ve a couple of Eskimo kayaks also left if you’re interested.

  24. Randall Wharton says:

    Thanks Nathan, If you let me know when it’s in Killarney I’ll call for it. Will pass on the kayak for now! R.

  25. Miriam says:

    Hi Nathan,
    Just wondering if you have any river boats with gear to sell? I have just started doing river trips..looking for beginners boat but not too heavy.Thanks

  26. Frank Doherty says:

    Hi Nathan,
    Just wondering if you have any river/lake boats left with all the gear to sell? I’m interested in this sport.. so looking for beginners boat something not too heavy.


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