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Outdoors Ireland

Things We Are Doing

1st Jun 2014
Weekly team meeting to discuss, among other things, our environmental impact for the past week and how to improve it for the coming week.

1st Dec 2013
Hugely increased research and notes on Irish trees, plants and wildlife, both for our own interest and to pass onto our clients.

1st July 2013
Began a policy of driving the jeep/work vehicles at a max speed of 50 mph to conserve fuel.

26th February

Began promoting customer car pooling, via our confirmation email.

26th February
Attached a link to our Environment Web Page on our confirmation email.

1st January
Introduced a policy of each person bringing back one extra piece of litter from their trip or training course.

Our Environment

Outdoors Ireland & Our Enviroment
Our landscape is both our playground and our workplace. Kerry's high mountains, glaciated lakes, sparkling rivers and sandstone crags provide us with endless pleasure, and we hold our beautiful surroundings with the highest respect. We have always been conscious of our responsibilities and will continue our efforts, adding more changes and improvements.

What Are We Doing?
Signing Up To The
Green Tourism Business Scheme

Committing To Continual Improvement & Increasing Awareness

Continuing Our
Leave No Trace Policy

Encouraging Our Staff & Customers To Collect Extra Litter While Outdoors

Encouranging Our Staff & Customers To Use Environmentally Conscious Accommodation & Restaurants

Working With Charitable Events Including
Focus Ireland's Four Peaks Challenge & Water Aid

Running Unique Events Including
Vision Impaired Activities & Pay What You Like

Our Customer Charter

Outdoors Ireland & Our Customer Charter
We are working with the
Green Tourism Business Scheme to be as eco friendly as possible, but we need your help.

We can all reduce our impact on the environment by making choices. As a visitor you have a hugely important role to play in helping us conserve our natural assets, so we can continue to enjoy our beautiful landscape.

Respect Nature

Look after the landscape and wildlife by not littering, guarding against fire and using trails responsibly.

Leave No Trace
Plan Ahead & Prepare
Be Considerate Of Others
Respect Farm Animals & Wildlife
Travel & Camp On Durable Ground
Leave What You Find
Dispose Of Waste Properly
Minimise The Effects Of Fire
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Rest Your Car
Leave your car behind, if only for a day. Use public transport, cycle, walk, or even hitch!
We will happily provide you with advice and where possible we will collect you from your accommodation and return you at the end of your day. Killarney Train & Bus Station are within a ten minute walk
of Killarney Town Centre.

Killarney Train Station
- 064 6631067
Killarney Bus Station - 064 6630011
Kerry Airport - 066 9764644
O Sullivan's Bike Hire - 064 6631282
Killarney Taxi - 064 6637676

Shop Local
Use local products, they give you a
flavour of the area and help support local communities.
We are fortunate to have some fantastic producers of food, drink, arts and crafts, so check out our local markets.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Try to avoid overly packaged goods and say no to that extra carrier bag. You can also support the destination and businesses in their efforts, by using the recycling facilities provided. Ask us as we have information on what you can recycle locally. Our staff can also take any of your recycling from you at the end of your day.

Support Green Businesses
There are numerous businesses in Kerry working to reduce their carbon footprint. Choose green accommodation and restaurants when you are booking your training course or holiday with us.
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Make a Donation
Make a donation to an environmental charity through our staff, or get involved in one of our positive enviromental day's.

Our Gold Award

Outdoors Ireland & Our Gold Award
We have become the first outdoor adventure company in Ireland to achieve a Gold Award for green standards and environmental awareness. Darragh O Sullivan played a vital role in achieving this award for us.
Here's Darragh's account of our journey to get here...

Over the past few years, Nathan had consulted with me on several aspects of business development for Outdoors Ireland, mainly in the areas of business direction and streamlining processes. When he asked me to take on this environmental project, I was more than happy to get stuck in.

I knew that Outdoors Ireland has very high professional standards across the board and was happy to help them achieve recognition for their high level of work. As well as that, Nathan genuinely counts himself extremely fortunate to work in such a stunning, relatively untainted area as Kerry, and values the conservation of its natural beauty. Equally, I appreciated that Nathan trusted my work, and would let me get on with things in my own way.

The task was to incorporate and demonstrate sound environmental practices across the company: in all processes and procedures, in dealing with clients and suppliers, and in company information. What this really meant was considering the environment in everything we do ourselves, as well as encouraging awareness in our clients and in anyone else we deal with, such as restaurants, hotels and shops. These practical principles would then form an Environmental Policy that we could stand over, and which would guide the company in future.


At the Outdoors Ireland brains/nerve-centre, we looked at any and all ways that we could improve things from a green point of view: using recycled paper, inks and other products; using more electronic forms of marketing and communication; being more responsible energy-wise, etc.

We pulled apart all staff procedures to ensure that they are fully informed and pro-active on environmental issues. We put fail-safes in place to minimise waste, spread the Leave No Trace message, and encouraged interaction and feedback from our customers in this area.

Our aim was to provide information to our clients so that they would be able to easily do their bit for the environment while taking part in our courses. Encouraging public transport or bikes while in the area, using responsible accommodation and local food providers, and making them aware of our own policies were some of the angles here.

We sent out questionnaires to the various hotels, restaurants, transport companies, and so on, that we regularly work with, to find out what environmental practices they had. The idea here was to inform them of our view, encourage them to think more green, and to demonstrate that we are moving towards working exclusively with highly responsible companies.

So with all that and so much more done, we had our audit and the nervous wait for the result. Being honest, we felt we put a lot into it, but were probably on target for a high silver award, so to get gold was extremely satisfying. Knowing that Outdoors Ireland is the only adventure company in the country to achieve gold makes it sweeter again (of course we would welcome all tourism providers being at gold standard but it’s nice for work to be recognised!).

Another good job done but also just the start of something. Part of our policy was to aim for continual improvement, as we look for in all areas of the business. So hopefully ongoing work and communication with customers will keep Outdoors Ireland at the top of the pile when it comes to responsible tourism in Ireland.

Many thanks to Nathan for asking me to run this project. Huge thanks also to Stephen and Keri from the
Green Tourism Business Scheme for their assistance and guidance during the process.

Darragh O Sullivan
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