Team Build

Team Building In Killarney/Kerry & Glengarriff/Cork

Clear communication and objectives, combined with an overall shared vision, are now more important than ever, as teams work together in 2021. An ability to address issues simply and strive to improve are vital, be it for a large company, an SME business, or a sports club. The overall ethos of your team building program will look at how to take your learning and communication points raised and apply them in the workplace, as well as addressing inter team and intra team issues.

Work outdoors in wooded hotel grounds, within changing sub teams and also as one overall team, to complete projects and challenges which have been designed around your objectives, to raise learning points, bring issues to the surface and empower you to perform to your maximum. Regular open discussions and debriefs will happen in an informal way, with your team very much bringing up your own learning points and issues. Some time will also be spent indoors with more in depth debriefs and discussions.

Projects will be designed for all abilities and will result in having to examine your actions with questions such as:
What Do We Want To Achieve?
How Can We Achieve?
What Are We Doing Well?
What Needs Improving?
How Can We Communicate Better?

Most importantly, our facilitators will discuss with you how to take your debrief points and learning points from each individual project and apply them to normal, sometimes hectic or pressurised, working life and corporate projects. Projects may increase in complexity over your program. Teams and sub teams will present their learning points to the overall group, explaining how they will apply their learnings back into the workplace and developing a simple action plan they can continue with.


Learning Points Generally Raised:

Encourage Opinions Within Team
Planning & Preparation
Understanding Tasks
Time Management
Cooperation & Inclusion
Commitment By All Team Members
Dependability & Trust
Goals & Objectives
Enjoy Problem Solving
More Face To Face Interaction
Identify Team Strengths & Weaknesses
Understand Everyone’s Roles