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Assertivness – Three Cs:
1. Confidence (be confident / appear confident / know your subject matter)
2. Clarity (speak slowly / speak clearly / be understood / keep instructions simple)
3. Control (be in control of situation / be in control of group)

C: Communication (communication plan)
L: Line Of Sight (ideally visual on everyone at all times)
A: Avoidance (simple plan for avoiding or dealing with each hazard encountered)
P: Positioning (where will you position yourself within group)

Briefing – MY ABCDE:
M: Me – about me (name)
Y: You – about you (name/aim/gear/water/food)
A: Activity – plan
B: Boundary – physical boundary, such as stay in eye sight + behaviour boundary such as smoking/phone
C: Communication Plan
D: Doctor – medical/allergy
E: Equipment – do people really have the right gear for your plan (check it!)

Six Questions For Hazards:
1. Could We Do It? (if it was life and death)
2. Should We Do It? (is it sensible)
3. Can We Go Onward? (is it a possible dead end)
4. Can We Backtrack If Needed?
5. Likelihood Of A Slip? (low / medium / high)
6. Consequence Of A Slip? (low / medium / high)

Emergency – SAFER:
S: Stop (take a moment)
A: Asses (what are the further risks, especially)
F: Form Your Plan
E: Execute Your Plan (if it’s not working, go back to stop, and start again)
R: Review Your Plan

E: Explain (keep it simple / two sentances max)
D: Demonstrate (good demo / possibly no talking)
I: Imitate (get group to imitate/copy your demo)
C: Correct (give correction/positive feedback)
T: Task OR Takeaway (group puts their new skill into practice for real; or group gets something to take away, such as a rush candle wick)

Tactile Sessions:
Touching / Tasting / Smelling / Listening
Footwork Skills
Walking Pole Skills
Simple Map Reading
Rush Candle Wick
Mud Handwash
Collect A Piece Of Rubbish
Collect A Piece Of Sea Glass
Five/Ten Min Meditation
Bring Flask Of Hot Water – Make A Wild Tea
Finger Splint With Purple Moor Grass
Finding Different Types Of Natural Toilet Paper
Proper Cat Hole Toilet Session (link it back to ancient times)
With Tech Each Person Identifies A New Bird/Bug/Plant
How To Forage & Pick Responsibly
Aging A Tree

Plant Identification: Google Lens
Bird Identification: Merlin
Grid Reference: Grid Ref Ireland
Mapping: All Trails
Tides: Tide Times Ireland

Feedback Form:

Code Of Ethics/Safeguarding Cert:

Mountaineering Ireland:



Leave No Trace Ireland:

Wildlife Resources:

Irish Mosses:

Irish Lichens:

Irish Mushrooms:

Irish Trees:

Irish Butterflies:

Irish Moths:

Irish Bumblebees:

Irish History:

Irish Geography:

Invasive Species:

Great Books On Myths/Legend/Folklore:
Ireland’s Trees : Niall MacCoitir
Ireland’s Wild Plants : Niall MacCoitir
Ireland’s Animals : Niall MacCoitir
Ireland’s Birds : Niall MacCoitir
Wild Embrace : Anja Murray

Nature File Podcast:

REC First Aid Training:

First Aid Kit List:

Backpack Kit List:

Small Defib Unit:



Weils Disease:

Lyme Disease:

Finding Trails:
National Parks & Nature Reserves
Coillte Walking Trails
National Waymarked Trails
Sport Ireland Trails
Sli Na Slainte Trails
Get Ireland Active

Outdoor Insurance:

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