Nice Simple Bushcraft Fire
Nice Simple Bushcraft Fire Nice Simple Bushcraft FireThis is a nice simple bushcraft fire setup. Simply use a stick to scrape the ground debris/leaf mould to one side. Scrape an area at least twice the actual fire size. Afterwards, once fire properly quenched, the leaf mould is scraped back over.
Get three larger logs, ideally damp, to provide a back and sides, which don’t really burn.
Light your fire. Keep it small.
Photo 1 shows the initial pyramid lay, for getting things blazing up. Then photo 2 shows the horizontal lay, to slow things down and keep the fire ticking over.
You can potentially roll the back and sides in or out to increase or decrease the fire size.
To boil a pan, make tea/coffee, keep your stainless mug warm – you don’t need any fancy mechanics, just pop the pan or mug at the front of fire pretty much touching the red embers and you’ll have more than enough heat!